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Background Information

In the summer of 1992 I first entered the rave/club scene, traveling throughout the Midwest for parties and club events.  Later that year I began buying records, this obviously led to the purchase of a pair of turntables and a mixer in the beginning of 1993.

Going to parties and clubs in the Midwest, I was often exposed to some of the best Chicago DJ's.  Some of the people who influenced me at that time were Derrick Carter, Spencer Kinsey, and DJ Diz.  Around 1994 I began paying attention to some of the DJ's from Detroit such as Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, and Terrence Parker.    This was reflected in my style at the time, as most of my records were coming from Detroit.

Currently  my sound fuses Chicago house and Detroit house together to a degree.  However now I also have a  taste for New York house as well, and that sound comes through on occasion.  Typically during a set I will throw in an obscure disco track (which I collect) just to see if anybody notices that it's over 20 years old.